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Hello and welcome to R&S Tactical Emporium LLC. We are manufacturers of custom AR's, Ak's, Bolt Action's and 1911's. You can find us either in our shop or most weekends, at a Missouri gun show. Go to our contact us page for address, phone and email. Below are some of our latest builds. All our builds are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The only things we do not cover is abuse, misuse and anting a binary is installed in. We will work with you on issues caused by these actions, but cannot cover under warranty. You have something specific in mind that you want built or just not finding something that suits you in our catalog? Just contact us and tell us what you want and we will build it to your specifications. 


5.56 Rifle 16" for Greybeard's Guns


5.56 Rifle 16" Barrel for Greybeard's Guns


7.62 x 39mm AR Pistol 7.5" Barrel


.50 cal Beowulf AR Pistol 10.5" Barrel


.223 Wylde Rifle 20" Barrel


.458 SOCOM Rifle 16.5" Barrel

Badass Build of the Week

Come in and check it out and tell anyone of us the discount passcode

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And receive an automatic 10% discount on this or anything in the store