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Tactica Grip Holsters for Women

Universal Grip Holsters by Tactica Defense Fashion are perfect for when you need to frequently remove your concealed gun holster, or you just need quick and convenient storage for your firearm when you’re on the go. Minimizing bulk while still offering the top-notch security you’ve come to expect, Tactica’s Grip Holsters allow for safe, comfortable, and deep concealment. Made of a textured fabric that expertly grips your clothing, this concealed gun holster design takes simplicity to another level. The single clip makes this holster easy to put on and take off, so it’s a great option for work environments or daily routines that require frequent removal of your concealed gun holster. The strength of this clip is so reliable that this holster can even be worn on a pair of jeans without a gun belt if need be. Read Less

However, it’s best practice to wear a gun belt with this holster. Built to last, this holster includes a layer of high density neoprene, providing support and preventing wear. To protect your trigger guard, we’ve implemented a layer of TPE that’s not only extremely difficult to penetrate, but also flexible enough to bend and provide comfort while you’re carrying. If you’re storing a gun in a safe, it’s best practice to store your firearm in a holster. This concealed gun holster can also be a great option for home gun storage. Slip the gun in the holster, place it in your safe, and be at peace knowing that your trigger guard is sufficiently protected, and that you’ll be able to quickly draw your gun. Not sure if our grip tuck holsters will be the perfect fit for you concealed carry needs? We have you covered. Offered with our 10-day trial period and 30-day warranty, you can now try this holster risk free. Dress to protect today!

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